On this page you will find interesting readings that deal with connection, applications, and general thinking about social phenomena in math, engineering, and physics tools.
I update this page with new citations, whenever they come accross my web search or work. So stay tuned!

Camacho, M., Pacce, M. J., & Pérez-Quiros, G. (2020). Spillover effects in International Business Cycles.

The article describes changes, shocks, and responses to business cycles among the G7 countries, focusing on spillover effects, as measured by Monte Carlo methods. Additionally, the article identifies the order in which the cycle works, and indicates that the UK and the US play a significant role in spillovers.

Itao, K. & Kaneko, K. (2020). Evolution of kinship structures driven by marriage tie and competition. PNAS.

The article deals with different types of human interactions, and how groups are created based on society’s main attribute (i.e. fishery vs. hunting societies).
Interesting to think, if so, how and why urban populations are organized, and what are the major underlying mechanisms that drive specific types of structure.