Welcome to Ready To Think. The blog owner has an expansive experience in the field of social programs, strategic planning, management consulting, and program evaluation.

We serve family foundations in strategic planning and program evaluation, and in development of a strong understanding of their giving, impact of giving, and outcomes of programs funded.

We are also focused on program evaluation for charities, nonprofits organization and government agencies, helping to define, understand and measure programs outputs, outcomes, and impact.
We have a successful experience with OTF evaluation process and reports.

Our experience includes programs in national and local scope, mainly in education and social services.

If you have a big database with information about grants your organization gave over the years, and you would like to learn from you data, I may help you understand trends, history, changes, and opportunities for more focused and impactful giving in the future.
An example for an analysis of publicly shared data can be found here:
OTF giving analysis Part 1
OTF giving analysis Part 2
OTF giving analysis Part 3

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